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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-10-2012
Location: Canada
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T410s - VGA splitter not recognised

[ Edited ]

I currently use a Lenovo L2251x Wide display as an additional display for my T410s (Intel graphics card).  I want to clone the image from that display to a second, identical Lenovo L2251x.


I am trying to use a powered VGA splitter (Startech ST122L) to accomplish this.  However, my T410s (Intel graphics card) refuses to recognise that the VGA splitter is connected.  The external display by itself works fine when connected directly to the computer and is recognised with no problem.  However, when the VGA splitter is powered up and connected to the computer's VGA port, the computer does not recognise that anything is connected.  This is the case whether or not one or both displays are actually connected to the VGA splitter. The "Graphics Options ==> Output To" function does not appear, and the "Multiple Displays" option within the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel only shows "Single Display", with no "Clone Display" or "Extended Desktop" options available.


I am trying to use a powered VGA splitter (Startech ST122L) to double the VGA output on two Lenovo L2251x Wide monitors at 1680x1050 (cloned, not extended desktop).  Both monitors work fine by themselves, but when both are connected with the splitter, the Thinkpad refuses to recognise that there is any external display at all -- the laptop display is the only one it recognises.  There are no "multiple monitor" options at all. 


Is it possible to force the machine to recognise the VGA splitter, or output an extended desktop image to the VGA port even if the VGA splitter is not recognised?


Any help would be appreciated.  Many thanks.


Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-10-2012
Location: Canada
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Re: T410s - VGA splitter not recognised

I think I might have described the situation badly in my initial post -- I have edited it to be more clear.  Any help gratefully appreciated.  Thanks.