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Paper Tape
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Re: T410s fan

Has anyone found a solution to this seemingly persistent problem? I received my T410s 3 days ago, and am experiencing the exact same problem, i.e. CPU fan constantly on regardless of load when using AC, no problem if battery. I tried toggling the "System Cooling Policy" as above post suggested, but no noticeable changes have resulted, so I don't think that is the issue. It is a moderate annoyance. 



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Re: T410s fan

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Galoot wrote:

bmw86us:  Any idea what they did to your machine?


I have a T410 I have sent to depot repair twice for fan noise.  Both times it came back with exactly the same behavior.  The fan spins at at least 3500 RPM constantly. 

Galoot: No, I don't know specifically what they did, but it was effective.  It functions properly now with variable speeds and, though it is almost always on, I only really hear it when it's hot and working hard and even then it's high pitched but not very loud.



I wish I could remember what I said to tech support and what I wrote on the claim forms, but I just did my best to describe the noise and some of the operating conditions (such as the fan coming on immediately after powering on from cold and being very loud and high pitched).  They seemed to understand.


I had another issue when I got it back with the touch pad, but they had me send it back in and it was fine when I got it back.  I haven't had any trouble since then.  I'm sorry you haven't had such success.

Paper Tape
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Re: T410s fan

For what it's worth, I have a T410s with the same issue, but it didn't do it straight from the factory. The issue started after one of the BIOS updates, but I don't remember which one and haven't taken the time to try to downgrade it. It's too bad, though--with an SSD this machine was almost completely silent even in a quiet room, until this happened.
What's DOS?
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Re: T410s fan



Let me put myself on this list of t410s owners with a noisy fan.

Fan is noisy when AC power is connected to the computer.


I had the motherboard replaced with no effect att all.

Send it back to support again, but they claim it's working as it should - it doesn't!


Support is now trying get permission to send a technician to me.


I'll write again whenever I got news in this case.

Token Ring
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Re: T410s fan

I've noticed that the fan on my machine will turn on, regardless of what the machine is doing, when the battery is charging.


Either way it doesn't bother me, but apart from when charging the battery I hardly hear the fan.... Unless I'm running intensive software or graphics of course.


I've always assumed that this is a built in feature to some how keep the battery and surrounding components cool while charging the battery?



T410(2537) -- i7 620M - Intel HD GPU (1440 x 900) - 8GB RAM - 128GB Crucial M4 SSD - 250GB Hitachi HDD - Windows 7 & 8 Pro
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T410s fan

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Some what of an old thread, but I too am going through the same problem w/ my T410s but on Linux. When connected to a power supply, the fan WAILS. But when it is running off the battery, the fan is running but nearly dead silent. I've updated to the most BIOS to no avail. I also tinkered with one of the BIOS settings that mentioned something about fan speed and performance to 'balanced' to no avail as well.
I too am assuming that it is a built in feature to keep all of its hardware from being damaged as heat can be the death to electronics. Kinda gets awkward though when everyone stars at me for having a loud *** computer.

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