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Paper Tape
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T420 3G Mobile Broadband

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I'm trying to use my built in 3G modem in my T420.

I'm running the "Launch Lenovo Broadband COnnect" from "Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox".

I'm located in Sweden but in the dropdown box for "Provider" there are none listed.

I'm trying "Other" but it fails with a message that I need a proper SIM card.

My provider is Telia and my SIM is inserted.

What gives? Please advice.


Best regards,


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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

Are you sure that your model got 3G? Some models are WWAN upgradable which means you have to buy and insert the 3G adapter. What is the model/type of your T420 (XXXX-YYY)?


Do you see the 3G adapter in device manager and no missing drivers?



What's DOS?
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband



I have T420, part number 4180RN4. On back side, close to battery there is a simcard port (just like on this image

I do not have any 3g device in 'device manager'. Im using Windows 7 Professional 64bit.


How can i check if my T420 do have 3g device? Is it possible that even I've got SimCard slot there isnt any device which support it ?

Paper Tape
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

My unit 417858Y also come with SIM slot but unusable...


You need hardware below in order to have 3G network

  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
  • Integrated Mobile Broadband (Sierra Wireless MC8355 - Gobi 3000)

Normal T420 come with device below cant access 3G network

  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (2X2 AGN)
My TPs: T420 41785YA: i7-2620M, 1600x900 HD+, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, 1600x900 HD+, NVS 4200M 1GB, Intel N6205 WiFi, BT 3.0, Win 7 Pro x64
What's DOS?
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

Initially I thought it didn't work, but after some research in the device list in windows I found Ericsson f5521gw. This is a quite capable mobilde device with 3G and GPS. It works fine with my Telia SIM.

Windows Control Panel > Network and Internet
Under "Lenovo Internetaccess"
Choose "Find Wireless network"
(Don't use "Active mobile broadband")
Change "Places" to "Mobile broadband" and click "Connect".
If your SIM is inserted and everything is working, it will ask for your PIN.
My connection failed the first time, due to some first time connect updates, but worked perfect the second time!

/ Lasse
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

I have T400s with 3G and it workes correctly. But take care, SIM slot hase each this device, but it doesnt mean it has really 3G modem inside. Its optional.
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What's DOS?
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

Hi there,


I've got a T420, TYPE: 4178-C7G....


I've inserted the sim card into the slot behind the battery, buy not getting anything?  I really thought this laptop had built-in 3G, how do I find out if I need to buy the additional hardware to get it set up?


Thank you!


Token Ring
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

You need one of these WWAN cards for T420:


0A36185 - Gobi™ 3000 Sierra Wireless EV-DO/HSPA WWAN Minicard -

0A36186 - Ericsson HSPA+ WWAN Minicard (F5521gw) -


Check your Device manager > network adapters.

Anyway, I have looked on page:


ThinkPad T420 (4178-C7G)

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I wonder if your unit has WWAN antenna or not, there is no "WWAN option" or "WWAN ready" mentioned in the list.

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Token Ring
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband


You need a WWAN card as your system specs say there is an 'option'.
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Re: T420 3G Mobile Broadband

I installed mSATA SSD on miniPCI slot where should be place Modem. Now where have to install Sierra Wireless MC8355 - Gobi 3000 or Ericsson 3G modem. my miniPCI slot is acupied with mSATA SSD... 

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