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T420 Displayport With Integrated Graphics

I am a bit befuddled with the T420 for a few reasons, but primarily while trying to dual screen I keep hitting one problem or another. First Specs, Basic Enterprise T420 i7-2720m, 8Gbs 1333 RAM, Integrated HD 3000, with CD/DVD RW, It has the 1600x900 Built in LCD, and is equiped with a smartcard reader and modem card. Now that thats out of the way, I cannot get dual screens for the life of me with this laptop. Now I dont have any monitors with Display ports so Im still utilizing DVI, and VGA, and one HDMI port, and I have a display to HDMI adapter lyin around. I tried using the adapter with my monitor, and TV, but with no success. Next I went well, Ill get a docking station, it has a VGA and DVI connector, so I did, but the VGA port outputs red only, no blue, no green, whilst the DVI works fine and best thing is I cant return it. So I grabbed the Display to HDMI, and tried the docking station Display, with the same results. Even when its the only attached monitor it doesnt see it. I tried Win10 Display Settings, Enabling and disabling the "Digital Display" in the Intel Graphics options, and tried the Fn+ F5 or whatever thats suppose to out put to the external monitors, all with no luck. I see people here saying to change BIOs Video options, but since I dont have nVidia, all I got is Defualt Boot Screen selection, i.e. Built in Display, Analogue, Digital Disp. 1, Digital Disp 2 <--When I select either of those it still outputs on DVI. So Im at a loss, the frick do I do? 

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