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Punch Card
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Re: T420 Ultrabay HDD turn off

[ Edited ]

I heard about this problems too. I bought third party caddy from ebay for 13$ and it suits well.

In my previous post i was asking, if the HDD in caddy is not affecting battery life (even if it is not spinning). It has to be powered even if not spinning/being idle or standby or whatever state it is.

T420 i7-2620M, 8GB RAM, NVS 4200M 1GB, OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120 GB + 500 GB HDD in Ultrabay, Windows 8.1 Ultimate 64bit
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Re: T420 Ultrabay HDD turn off

Just test it by yourself:

  • Plug off wall power.
  • Open the power manager while ultrabay-HDD is on, klick "Battery"-tab
  • Wait a minute until computer is in idle
  • Read the currently used wattage
  • "Soft-remove" the ultrabay-HDD
  • Compare the wattage after approx. half a minute
  • Remove the ultrabay device
  • compare the wattage after half a minute later again


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