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T420 Wearing System Board Insulation in Battery Compartment

From many insertions and removals of batteries, the insulation on the system board of my T420 has begun to wear under the battery (you can see it under the alignment tongue in the following photo).  The wear is a bit more pronounced than visible in the photo.




a)Is there anything of significance under the insulation (any circuit board components or traces)?  Why is the insulation there?


b)If I finally wear through the insulation, are there any special electrical properties where I just can't patch it with clear laminating material (non-conductive) or something like this?


c)Does Lenovo sell this insulation as a spare part (I doubt it)?  (And even so, I'd hate to tear the computer apart to replace it--this would take me a good 8 hours.)


d)Anything else I should know?


Thanks, Dave Ashley



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