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T420 - Wireless not working after undocking the laptop.


I use a docking station at work and the wireless turns off automatically when the system is docked which is fine.  The issue is when removing the laptop from the dock, the wireless is not automatically switched back on.  I would need to manually turn on the wireless (Fn+F5 option).



Note: The following advanced option is only available in Lenovo / ThinkVantage Power Manager application when installed on 32 bit versions of Windows.  For 64 bit Windows users, please access these settings directly through Windows power management by right clicking the Windows battery icon in the tool bar, then selecting power options, then change plan settings for the plan(s) you use.  Next click "advanced power settings, then wifi, then power and select maximum performance on AC and battery.


Instructions for changing the settings in ThinkVantage / Lenovo Power Manager application on 32 bit versions of Windows.


  1. Open Lenovo Power Manager
  2. Select Advance (On the Upper right side of the screen)
  3. In scroll down and click on "Advance Settings"
  4. In "Wireless Adapter Settings"
  5. Change Settings for "Power Saving Mode" -> Medium Power Saving or Maximum Performance
  6. Press OK

PM WLAN settings.JPG


The user interface of power manager has evolved over time.  Here is a view in Power Manager version 6.54 - when selecting "advanced" button and then power plan tab.   There is a scroll bar to access these additional (advanced) settings.


power manager 6 wifi.png








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mdthomp38 On 2016-08-19, 16:04 PM

Mark, thank you for the reply but I do not see the Wireless adapter settings option when I open the advanced settings?


On a another note. How would the power settings affect his losing network drives when he undocks?





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