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What's DOS?
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T420 Won't Power on



I have a T420 won't power on at all. I have taken the battery out and tried plugging the laptop in and nothing. Not a kick out of it.


In Summer 2016 I noticed it used to get very hot underneath where the charger is plugged in, then it gets hot even when the charger wasnt plugged in.


It gottop the stage where the laptop was so hot that the laptop itself slowed down and it had to be shut down completely to let it cool down, then turn it back on but within a half an hour it was raging hot again. I took it to a computer shop to be cleaned out and since then it has been perfect, no issues at all, until now.


I last used the machine on Wednesday morning and shut it down correctly, then on Wednesday night I went to use it and it wouldn't power on. There is no lights, sound, nothing when I press the power button.


Is there any hope for it or is it completely dead and time for me to get a new one? I bought it in 2013 as a refurbished model so I'm guessing it's just died from use.





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