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T420 and T430 are too hot- and other issues

Hello dear thinkpad fans. After buying a used R61i in 2012, i thought i could never use a ordinary laptop instead of a thinkpad again, but in these last few years quality went a few steps back.


On both my I5 T420 and I5 T430 i have reached 100+ degrees celsius while playing fallout 3 and sims 3 on medium setings. Right now my T430 is showing 68-72 degrees with one chrome window open and no other activity from the cpu, not even antivirus etc.  Meanwhile, my aunt`s crappy toshiba i3 3rd gen. barely gets warm while playing gta V on medium setings, and she has an extra dedicated nvidia 920m card to help it get hot. No luck though, the toshiba stays cool. Not even TP Fan Control could manage keeping temperatures down on my two machines.


Obviously, there is a noticeable diference between a 14 inch chassis and a 15.6 one, but it`s still not normal to hit 70 degrees celsius on browsing the web. On older thinkpads this was not really an issue. It was difficult getting my R61i/T400/T500 past the "warm" stage.


Besides, the T420/T430 had other issues as well, like unstable drivers(video/audio). Lenovo distroyed the keypad on the T430, the wifi switch is much more dificult to operate and i believe they designed the battery/battery charging circuit to get the battery worn out faster than it should.


I have reached the point where i`m actually considering swithing brands just because of the heat buildup issue alone. I mean it`s embarassing to see a mainstream laptop having a better thermal management system than the top business machine which used to be the thinkpad. 


They`re still great computers to have(especially when bought used like i do), but i feel they`re starting to neglect the basic things that made thinkpads famous in the first place. The usability factor has gone way down. I even had issues with installing a new hdd in my T430 because the hdd bay is designed with slim drives in mind.


Last but not least i want to say that the keyboard on the T430 doesn`t seem to be spill proof, i did a test by dropping a small amount of water on it and the water simply got inside the laptop by gathering at the edge of the keyboard plate instead of being driven towards the specially designes holes.  Total fail as far as i`m concerned. The inside of the laptop is dust-free so that`s not an issue and it does not explain the high temperatures either.

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