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Lenovo Staff
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I have here two models of T420s running Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Windows 7 model is quiet and the service needs no CPU time during Idle.

The Windows 8 model is noisy (the fan is spinning) and the Conexant Audio Message Service (Version consumes 30% of CPU during Idle.


A community users tested and found this workaround - disable the Conexant Audio service. 


Here's how:


1) At the Windows 8 Start screen, type "Services".
2) Click "Services" (its icon looks like two silver-blue gears).
3) Scroll down to "Conexant Audio Message Service" and double-click it
4) Change the Startup Type to "Disabled"
5) Click the "Stop" button, then click OK and close the Services window


The workaround also appears to work on a T520.

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