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Fanfold Paper
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

I am very sorry you guys are having problems. At the same time I feel fortunate to have come across this forum, and in particular, this thread during my research for my next top of the line laptop.


My final thought: I will not purchase any Lenovo products in the future.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

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You are incorrect. I am running windows, powermanger, and the latest BIOS. With these prerequsites you claim Lenovo engineering requires, I  did send in my laptop, however, as I've said (and never received a reply from a Lenovo Administrator), engineering proceeded to run VERY basic and superficial tests, and they determined that there is no problem with my laptop fan behavior. They ran heavyload for 5 minutes and shut it off and claimed the fan "behaved as it should", and they also started up the system and let it sit idle for 20 minutes and claimed no problems with the fan occured. The bottom line? They sent me back my laptop, and I've been stuck when an incredibly annoying fan that gets stuck at 4000rpm at least 3 times a day.


We have repeatedly said that the problem most often occurs after at least 1-2 hours of use and it is intermittent. It is also more likely to occur when plugged in than on battery. Furthermore, I just discovered while travelling outside the U.S. that when plugged into 220V, it occurs much more often.


The issue is that Lenovo engineering is not willing to spend ample time testing the T420s, they prefer a quick superficial test as they did with mine. 5 minutes running Heavy Load and 20 minutes idle? That's their test? Wow.


Take a look at the thread Mark. This many people cannot be wrong.

Punch Card
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

i got a T420s with the i7 a week ago. i tried different settings, first i disabled the optimus and switched to the integrated graphic card. after that i set the powermanager for the fan control to maximize performance, the system temperature rises but the fan still running at low speed. the system temp ist between 40 and 50 °C while idle or just surfing, and the fan is not screaming.


this i guess is the best setting for me. can anyone confirm this, or has made the same experience?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

At the moment Irun the Intel Grapic and in PM al on balanced. and since one Day I have an other Fan behaviour , ( the fan goes down from 4k to 3.5k at ~50°C and not at ~45°C but I have no Idea wat is the reson for that, the only change was set the Fan setting vrom Maximum  to ballanced

Punch Card
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

Has this problem been resolved?  The customer advocate who is replaceing my failed T410s told me that it has ben fixed.



Punch Card
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue


Speaking of disruption of service, how about me, the customer, who chooses not to use his expensive T420s laptop in order to avoid getting a migrane?

By the way, you took a big & unfair leap regarding my post on 3/27. Clearly my message was a GUESS as to why we have not heard anything from you/Lenovo in weeks (months?).  My entry was not litigious, nor a rallying cry to organize anything, nor punitive to Lenovo.  Just my observation based on the 2-4 upstream posts and your disregard to questions directed to you from the community.

And yes, my system melting down, particularly while unattended, is a concern.  I'm not technical, but from the Rabbit post, it hit me that the fan was probably not designed to run constantly at such a high rate.

Now, can we please get back on subject, which is trying to uncover what is causing the fan in my T420s to spin at an accelerated rate under little or not tax from the chip/memory?  Opening Outlook really seems to get set things off.  Being plugged in & charging the battery is more likely to get the dentist drill whinning.  

Can you let us know which possible solutions raised in this community by others have been considered/ruled out, tested/pending test, failed/passed?  It would be welcome information, even if it is disappointing in the end.

Finally, I think I have the PC you're looking for: My T420s is "Express", purchased 6/2011, Windows7 Pro, I5 chip, up-to-date BIOS and current PowerMgr. No TPFan or any add-ons; I did load MSOffice 2010, Anti-Virus, PDF reader, and a few others.  I am based in the US, well Texas anyway.  Would my laptop work for your lab?  If so, what is the procedure, timeframe, and cost?  Will I get to interact with the testers?

Bottom line - All I'm after is a solution. How about Lenovo?

Punch Card
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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

[ Edited ]

In short, this problem has NOT been resolved by Lenovo! 


So, it is a lie that the Customer Relation person told me.  Great "Customer Relation" that Lenovo is building here!


Please post here or PM me if this problem is indeed resolve.




Removed a comment that was against forum rules.



Punch Card
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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue


I spoke to Lenovo support two days ago and they told me that they "have heard about some issues" with the T420s' fan. Of course I asked wether they could tell me anything helpful. But as expected they "are not allowed to say anything about this on phone or forums".


Yesterday the UPS guy came along and picked up my notebook. Lenovo claims to be trying to return the device within 5 business days. Let's see if at least this is true.

Paper Tape
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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

Hi guys


I purchased a T420s on 18th Feb 2012, and 8 days later, I received it! Was happy! But second day, dead, not booting!

I returned it to IBM workshop, and confirmed as DOA, I have waited 1 month till last week, I received my second new T420s, ok, was happy again, but this time, FAN never run in low speed, same as the problem you have here, I even can feel my table was shaking driven by laptop! check bios 1.31, PM 3.61, I gave up, sent back. 2nd DOA!


I am waiting the THIRD one now, Let's see what will happen this time!

Punch Card
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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

OK, questions ignored as forseen.


I have another small feedback. My laptop is going to tech support tomorrow since it has white spots on the display.


Support instructed me to keep my hard drive, so I removed it, and, just out of curiosity, I booted my laptop using only an m-sata SSD.


Without the hard drive, the fan seemed to behave a lot more gently, I even saw 3500 RPM!


Could it be that the sensor reading the temperature of the hard drive (or of the sata SSD, if it matters) is misbehaving? I also thought the the hard drive eats power and hence the fan spins faster, but that still doesn't explain the 4000 RPM overkill.


When I get the laptop back I'll go through a deeper test, since my actual test was without a graphical windows manager, being it installed on the hard drive. Nonetheless I have tried running intensive tasks and doing simple copies and networking from command line, seing a much quiter laptop.


@Mark_Lenovo, could you ask the engineering team to investigate this, and maybe answer the questions that were posted in previous posts. Please, again, this would be very welcomed.

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