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Punch Card
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T420s Issues - hinge and discrete vs. intergrated graphics

I got my T420s recently and I found a few problems with it. I hope I can fix them myself because I don't want to go through the while thing with mailing the laptop in.

I noticed when I got the laptop that the hinge is really loose. When i shake the laptop the screen would easily fall back all the way into the 180 degree angle position. Is there a way to tighten the hinge?

I also can not figure out how to switch the graphics between integrated and discrete within Windows. I know with older T series laptops that you just right click the battery and change it but that option isn't available here. I know that you can change it in BIOS, but I prefer to be able to change it on the fly in windows.


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Token Ring
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Re: T420s Issues

Hello TheGreat,


The hinge on my T420s does the same thing (if I shake it, it goes down to a 180-degree position). However, I never considered this to be a problem. The hinge is tight enough that it won't accidentally lower during normal use, but loose enough that it's easy to open the screen further with one hand without the laptop tipping over backward.


If you noticed any play in the hinge, that might be grounds for a repair. There is no play in my hinge (it isn't possible to move my hinge at all without overcoming the initial stiction force.)

Token Ring
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Re: T420s Issues

My T420s hinge is a bit looser than I'd like as well.  It isn't loose to the point that it'll fall back while just sitting there, but I find it annoying when it falls back as I set the laptop down on a table.  As of now I do not know of an easy method to tighten up the hinge; I also mentioned this as an issue when I sent my laptop in to the service depot but they stated they found nothing wrong with it.

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Re: T420s Issues

You do not need to switch between integrated & discrete. Optimus automatically runs graphic intensive programs from the discrete card, and everything else is off the integrated. If you grab nVidia's latest driver it installs a system try icon that will tell you when the discrete GPU is running.

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Punch Card
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Re: T420s Issues - hinge and discrete vs. intergrated graphics

Thanks for your responses. I'll defintely try the new nVidia driver out.


Paper Tape
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Re: T420s Issues - speaker vibration

I got my T420s about 2 months back. I have had fan noise issues and problems with one of the speakers - a shrill metallic vibrating noise comes from it. I put in the TPFancontrol program for the fan noise issue but couldnt resolve the speaker noise issue. So  I sent my computer in for the warranty repair 2 weeks back - now it's on hold waiting for parts that are in back order status and I dont know when I will get my computer back. Pretty frustrated with the lenovo experience so far. I had a T42 for six years which worked out really good and that's why I went for the T series again but now I am disappointed and will never buy any more Lenovo's again.

I have called in and had the backorder issue escalated but if you folks know of any ways to get this resolved sooner, please advise.





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