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Token Ring
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Re: T420s Keyboard Flex I just got my laptop back from the Lenovo Service Depot......

They "fixed" the issue...kinda.....but yea look at the picture of how they fixed it.....this is just sad people....sad....


Lesson:  Immediately return anything with cosmetic defects to Lenovo, and don't even bother with the mail-in warranty service....needless to say I will be extremely cautious if I ever buy another ThinkPad in my life...

Token Ring
Posts: 147
Registered: ‎06-16-2010
Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA
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Re: T420s Keyboard Flex

     JameZ was nice enough to file a complaint for me to Lenovo customer relations and I got a call a few days later asking me to send my laptop to Lenovo US headquarters for repair.

     I'm pleased to say that most of the random cosmetic issues I was complaining about such as the flexy keyboard and randomly clicky spots around the place have been fixed. (without any sticky tape this time)  I had them replace the heatsink/fan unit as well and now it's lined up correctly without any bent fins like before; however, its just as whiny and loud.  I noticed the fan P/N was the same as before anyway so this is to be expected.

     The loose UltraBay was never fixed but I'm guessing this is just poor design and I'll have to deal with it myself at this point with shimming of sorts...guess you can't get everything.....

Punch Card
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Re: T420s Keyboard Flex

I dont believe lenovo doing such things for uncompromised ThinkPads..!!

Let me see what lenovo will do in my case..!!

T420s 4170-CTO : i5 2520M, 6GB RAM, 320GB HDD(7200rpm).
Z60t 2513-MCU.

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