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T420s: Windows 7 install - missing drivers

I'm ready to pull my hair out and hope someone can help. I bought a T420s from a guy, but he was running what looked like a pirate copy of Windows 7 however the laptop ran fine. But being an honest person, I went a purchased a legal copy and installed it and now I'm in a big mess. The laptop starts up okay, but I'm suddenly missing a ton of drivers and I'm not a computer guy so i'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out what i need and where to get it. I went to the download section of the Lenovo website and looked up drivers for the T420s but nothing seemed to match what my laptop says. Maybe it's all there just under different names-- I don't know. Please help if you can. 


Here's what I missing and I have no idea what most this stuff is:


Biometric Coprocessor

Ethernet Controller

Network Controller

PCI Serial Port

PCI Simple Communications Controller

SM Bus Controller

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

Unknown Device


I was also missing the Sierra Wireless MC8355 - Gobi 3000 Modue but I found something that looked like that in the driver section and downloaded it, but it didn't fix my monitor it's still running at 1024 x 768 instead of the 1600 x 900 like it's supposed to.


I'm totally lost with all this.....    HELP


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Re: Windows 7 install - missing drivers

Hello and welcome,


The easiest way to handle this is to download, install, and run ThinkVantage System Update.  It will detect the appropriate drivers for your machine and OS - and offer to download and install them.


System Update 4.01

Installation instructions for System Update 4.01



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