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T420s mSATA SSD migration: A step-by-step guide


I just purchased the Intel 310 80 Gb mSATA SSD for my T420s (4171-6PG, Win 7 Pro 64) and want to ask about OS migration.


What steps I need to perform after installing the new drive?


Should I use any utilities (e. g. Acronis Migrate Easy or True Image) to perform the system migration or Lenovo System Recovery will copy clean factory installed OS to my new drive instead of HDD when I'll choose "Full system recovery"?


Could I use hibernation mode with my new SSD drive or it can make degradation of the drive in future?




Here are the steps for the installation process:

1)  Back up your computer using Lenovo System Recovery (you can either use a flash drive or external hard disk or DVD, but make sure these are formatted to be bootable.)


2)  Switch on your computer and hold down F1 to access the system menu.  Change boot sequence to USB first then DVD-RAM drive.


3)  Install Intel mSATA drive


4) Optional:  You can temporarily remove your regular HD now if you want to take the extra precaution so you don't do the recovery on your existing drive.


4)  Insert USB or DVD Recovery disk and turn on computer.  The computer will try to boot from the USB first then DVD drive etc..


5)  Follow the on- screen instructions to do Full System Recovery to the SSD drive.


6)  The computer is now back to factory setting with the new Intel SSD as the primary drive.


7)  Delete the recovery partition on the SSD drive to free up space since you already have the back up on your USB stick/DVDs


8)  Reinstall your regular HD if you removed it in Step 4. 


9)  Download Intel SSD Toolbox software:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18455


10)  Disable hibernation (after reading countless posts, the general concensus is to turn it off)


11)  When everything is working fine you can format the old HD but keep the recovery partition- just in case.



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whispering2007 On 2012-10-26, 4:32 AM

Thanks for sharing! If someone can make a youtube tutorial, that would be extremely helpful. 

ngpsaki On 2015-05-18, 0:49 AM

Thanks for your clear instructions. My T420 has been installing from the DVDs for over 8 hours! It is half way through the Drivers and Applications 1 disc and seems to be stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

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