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When configuring laptops in the company I work for, we previously used SRCMOS (ver. 3.37) with some parameters to capture BIOS setting (with password) and then used the same tool with different parameters running on a USB drive to configure the BIOS on the other 2000+ laptops.

This saves so much time and limits the possibility for errors.

However, with the new T430 I get this error message when using the tool:

(I am using a DOS boot disk and it worked on all previous Lenovo laptops.)


Error:Rc=2 This system is not supported by this program

I am thinking that I need a newer version of SRCMOS that is compatible with the T430.

Unfortunately I have to configure the BIOS before I roll on the image - because we are using a full disk encryption feature and the TPM chip must be activated.


In order to resolve this issue you will need to install the "ThinkPad Settings Capture/Playback Utility or SRSETUP.


The ThinkPad stores various UEFI BIOS settings in its nonvolatile memory like Flash or EEPROM.

These settings are configured by using the ThinkPad Setup menu. In general, this is done manually by the user. However, from a deployment point of view, the ThinkPad Setup settings are expected to be common to all machines and to be controlled remotely.


Please click on the link below to download the  "ThinkPad Settings Capture/Playback Utility SRSETUP.

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