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T430: Memory and Voltage Questions

I configured my T430 with an i5 dual core and with 4 gigs of RAM (one stick; single channel).  I want to upgrade my RAM to 8 gigs in a 2x4 confuguration.  I have done research and I note that this laptop can take either 1.35 or 1.5 volts memory.  It also can use either 11 or 9 Cas Latency.  So here are my questions:


1. What difference is there between the voltages? In other words, what if any are the advantages/disadvanteges, i.e. gains or losses?


2. Will I really see any difference between 9 vs.11 timings?  Interestingly in my memory research some of the CAS 11 in 1.35 can be slightly more expensive than CAS 9 in 1.35.


3. I know Crucial works fine in the T430.  I have also read that Corsair has issues.  Is this still true about Corsair?  What about other memory manufactures such as GSkill and Patriot?  I like Crucial.  I have built many systems with their memory as well as upgrades.  Its just that it is slightly more expensive than GSkill, etc.




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Re: T430: Memory and Voltage Questions

1. I'm not sure if the T430 will actually run the RAM at 1.35V instead of 1.5V; someone else will have to verify that. If it does indeed work at 1.35, you might expect a bit of a boost in battery life and a bit of RAM heat reduction. The only downside I can think of might be less resistance to solar radiation, which is really a non-issue.

2. Probably not, unless you're trying to push RAM bandwidth to the limits. Might help the integrated graphics card run faster though.

3. The only systemic issues I have heard from are from Corsair. Haven't seen as many reports; they may have fixed their problems or people might just be avoiding it in the first place.

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Re: T430: Memory and Voltage Questions

Thanks Colonel.  Your reply is much appreciated.  My cuurent RAM is at 1.35v the came factory installed.  My issue actaully arose because I have seen compatible RAM for this system at both 1.35 and 1.50.  Was not sure about the latter. 


Didn't think about lower CAS timings helping out the integrated grphics.  Thanks for that.


And wouldn't you know it but I got a 10% off coupon for memory from NewEgg just today. Smiley Very Happy

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