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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

@brostagni wrote:

Actually, I can't find a 32GB Kit (16GBx2), 240-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-12800 memory module


Because no one makes 16GB DDR3 laptop DIMMs to begin with...



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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

IMM2G64D3(L)SOD8AG 16GB ddr3 SODIMM, non ECC.

Should be available soon. I hope
Paper Tape
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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

Good news !!!

I hope that someone will be in capacity of testing it and posting the test result here !

Lets continue the information hunting Smiley Happy

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

The Intelligent Memory 16GB SO-DIMM modules are already available, full production.

But the Lenovo/Intel BIOS can not identify them.


The BIOS contains the memory initialization routine, also called Memory Reference Code (MRC), which is a piece of software programmed by Intel for each of their CPUs. This software reads out the parameters from a little Eeprom on the memory module and then sets the registers to drive the memory.

For whatever reason this software can only work with memory-chips with a maximum of 4 Gigabit per IC. This is good enough for using 8 Gigabyte SO-DIMMs, but a 16 Gigabyte module is made of 8 Gigabit DDR3 chips, which the MRC does not know how to handle. The result is that the system hangs when it starts the BIOS.


Lenovo or Intel might be able to fix it and release a BIOS update, but per my information nothing is planned here.



Paper Tape
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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

oucha.....Thanks for the technical information, very instructive.

Well it is a bad news news for us on the T430s if Intel or Lenovo does not plan to move in this bios upgrade direction.

I will look and follow bios update than !

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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

Only enthuziasts with BIOS modding skills and expirience might test the such memory in the current laptop lines, on IvyBridge and Haswell. If they wiil know details about new settings.

As I said before, no chance to have support of the new 16 gb sticks at the mass market because of the sertification expenses (each laptop model on several platforms, with new memory in different combination with 2,4,8 gb sticks) and restricted modules availability.

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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

When I enquired from Lenovo they told me that their T430 laptop does not
supports the 32 GB Ram.Can you please assure me that the IM link you
provided me for 32 GB Ram will work with T430 laptops

Paper Tape
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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

Sorry, as everybody says here, no insurance that it works, even worst, it should not unless the bios is updated by intel or Lenovo...if they decide to work on it.

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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

Awesome detali, thanks.


I have a T430s and just got the 16GB SODIMM from Crucial (CT204864BF160B.C16FA 16GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM 1.35V CL11 ) and it did not work.  Smiley Sad  I'm on BIOS 2.63 from Lenovo. Anything I can do/check before I return the memory?







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Re: T430 RAM upgrade to 16/32GB

The 16GB DIMMs only work on i3/i5/i7 -5xxx CPUs and later. This is NOT a Lenovo limitation. Return the memory


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