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T430: Recover messed up TPM.

Hello! I was messing with the TPM under Linux, I know, my fault.

I cleared it and took ownership of it under Linux, got done with the stuff and wanted to take control of it again under Windows 10 X64 1809

The thing is that now, Windows doesn't recognize the TPM, I have:
Cleared it on BIOS.
Deactivated and activated it,

And then Windows sees the TPM, but after initializing it and/or clearing it, I get no confirmation of it in the boot process, so all in all, the TPM remains not activated even if in BIOS it's crearly activated and on.

Clearing it on BIOS doesn't seem to have any effect as well, and if in Linux I try to activate it, it states:

Jan 14 19:39:08: Fatal error: tpm: layer: tpm, code: 0x12: No SRK

So, if anyone knows, is there a way to completely reset and recover the TPM to factory defaults? Including the SRK and Owner passwords since the BIOS Clear option is I think, not doing that.

Thanks for your help, will be happy to provide any adittional necessary info.

BIOS version is 2.78 and TPM is 1.2, have tried with both Windows 10 x64 1809 and Windows 8.1 to no effect :/

Edit: Attached are some of the errors it shows on commands from powershell, initializing the chip does not work as well, Windows just reboots and reboots and reboots but never does anything other than that.

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