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Paper Tape
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T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

Despite having all the drivers in place, I keep getting the infamous ...07B, hard drive failure upon the first reboot. I have successfully deployed and still deploying every other model. Anything I should add that I am not aware of?

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Re: T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

Try loading the Rapid Storage drivers directly from Intel instead.
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Paper Tape
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Re: T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

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No luck what so ever using the 5/30 version release, Can deploy only by changing to compatability mode in the BIOs

Paper Tape
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Re: T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

Has there been any solution to this yet? We just got the T430 in and need to deploy XP to it and I'm running into the same exact issue. Can anyone verify that the T430 is compatible with Windows XP using the Intel IRST storage controller drivers?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

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I just installed XP SP3 32 bit on a T430, using the AHCI mode (not the compatibility mode)

I used nLite to integrate the Rapid Storage drivers in the source files of XP. Works fine for me so far. (I am hitting other problems)


There are other ways to install Windows XP and merge the drivers (oem folder during the unattended install, F6 with a floppy disk , etc). I preffer nLite.


You can also try by setting the BIOS to "Compatibility" for the disk, install XP, the install the Rapid Storage driver. At this point you have to shut down, go back to the bios and set to AHCI mode. This may also work.


Do not forget that the disk is formatted for Windows 7 from factory. Depending you mechanism to fdisk/diskpart, you also have to enable your disk MBR for XP....

I use WinPE from W7, and I use Diskpart. After this, I have to run "bootsect /nt52 c: /mbr"

Paper Tape
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Re: T430 XP deployment issue with MDT

hi could you please elaborate on how you got it working I tried everyting, the fartest I have gotten is setting the sata to ACHI, and slipstreaming sata drivers from the lenovo site,"Rescue and Recovery patch to fix the blue screen issue caused by the lack of the AHCI driver" .There were alot of them. Once I made the cd I put it in my t430 and it got past the 7b error and asked where I wanted to install. I pick an unalocted partition beside my win 7 and formated NTFS. It copied all the files restated and continued installing, it went through the final checklist and after remoing file it restarted again, but this is where I get the 7B error again. 


Can someone please let me know what I am doiing wrong.

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