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T430 some function keys not working


Both of our T430's and our X230's on Windows 7 x86 SP1


We've downloaded all of the latest drivers from the Lenovo site (after realising that the Update Tool doesn't bring down everything up to date).


The OEM image out of the box works fine, pressing Fn+F3,F4, etc. performs the corresponding actions such as locking the screen, launching wifi, etc. But, when we apply a blank Windows image and install the drivers ourselves, not all of the hotkeys work.


The hotkeys that work are F4 (sleep), F7 (screen select), F8 & F9 (brightness) and F10, F11 & F12 (media keys)


The hotkeys that don't work are F3 (lock screen), F5 (wifi), F6 (communications) and the small hotkey button next to the mute button (in the OEM image, that launches the Lenovo control panel).


I've looked around the forums and come up with this install order, which still doesn't seem to work:


Chipset Driver
AMT Driver
Intel RST
Card Reader
Audio Driver
Camera Driver
Touchpad Driver
WLAN Driver
Fingerprint software

Power Manager

Hotkey Software
Wifi Driver

Access Connections
Comm. Utility

Active Protection
Solution Center

Graphics Drivers (Intel & Nvdidia)


How do I get these functioning again?


You need Power Management driver and Power Manager sofltware.


The Power Management driver supports basic power management feature like sleep or hibernation.


On the other hand, Power Manager provides further feature like customise power plan, display battery info and even preset the behaviour of charging battery.


There's no official procedure for installation sequence, but you may want to consider to start with the Chipset -> Power Management Drivers following through with the other programs.

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tvans On 2013-12-20, 16:08 PM

How do I exchange the functions of the Ctrl and Alt keys?

Paranoid_Mervin On 2019-09-10, 12:59 PM

From BIOS. Reboot the machine, press ESC or spam ESC key on appearance of Lenovo logo until you see "entering setup". I believe the option is under config menu

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