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T430s SDHC card reader not working

Hi, I recently bought a T430s and when I tried to insert a SD card it did not show up in my computer. I've tried 3 different SD cards the sizes are16 gb, 32 gb and 2 gb and neither of them shows up, to make sure the problem is not in the SD card I tried using the SD cards in 2 cameras and 2 other laptops. In all those devices the cards works.

I have tried installing these drivers from this thread but it did not work.


I also tried following the instructions in this thread but that did not help either.

According to the device manager the Ricoh PCIe SDXC/MMC Host Controller is working correctly. The Ricoh SD Disk Device is also working correctly.


Whenever I insert the SD card the Sound for a new device plays and when i remove the SD card the removal sound plays. How can I fix this? I'm going away for 7 weeks with my laptop so I need to fix it ASAP and I dont have time to send the laptop to Lenovo.



I uninstalled Ricoh Media driver and now 1 of the cards show up but Windows complains about that it needs to be formatted, but the size is 0 so that doesn't work either. Tried installing the driver again and now they show up in the device manager again and proudly says that they are working but the SD card still doesn't show up so I can read the files on it.


If I go into the device manager and forcibly update the the Ricoh SD Disk Device then it says:
Disc: Disc 1
Type: Removable
Status: Online
Partitiontype: MBR (Master Boot Record)
Capacity: 15807 MB
Non-allocated space: 0 MB

Allocated space: 0 MB


For the 32 gb SD card everything is the same but instead it says "Capacity: 30828 MB".


When the SD card is inserted a storage device pops up in the device manager. The name of the device is just "Unknown device" and the status is that it can't find any installed drivers for the device.

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Re: T430s SDHC card reader not working

I'm experiencing a similar situation with my 1-year old T430s. The built-in card reader was working fine until recently when it stopped working.


Now the built-in SD card reader doesn't recognize SD cards that are recognized in external USB adapters.


Device Manager shows Ricoh PCIe SDXC/MMC Controller when an SD card is inserted into the card reader but neither Windows Computer Management/Disk Management nor Windows Explorer show the drive. Device Manager indicates that the driver is up-to-date (v6.10.10.32 25May11.)


When I put the same SD cards into an external USB adapter they're recognized by Windows, assigned a drive letter and visible to Windows Explorer as well as other applications.


Do I have a defective card reader? 

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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Re: T430s SDHC card reader not working

You may find 6.20 drivers as I did but are not digitally signed but worked until rebooting the next time due to signature checking.

those drivers appear to be the same is my Ricoh reader. Very old version. Other OEM have the new drivers but digitally sign for their systems.
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