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Paper Tape
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Re: T430s - 2355A75 Stop error 101

Sometimes it's also get freeze and hard drive indicator don't flash. I have to reset using power botton. I may damage Windows soon. Last time was during a Windows update from Molex IT corporate. 


My computer has Windows 7, 64 bits. I don't know it making the problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T430s - 2355A75 Stop error 101

@hausman wrote:

@Axlcobos wrote:

I have the same problem is random. Some time i not even working on my computer. ones or 2 times per day.


I have a T430s 2355A75, BIOS G7ET29WW (1.11) 2012-05-24 (1.05) i5-3320M with 4GB RAM and 180 GB SSD.


Please help me to solve this error.  


This is a known problem with early T430s. See T430s-2352 Blue Screen and Stop Code 101 IssueLenovo will replace the motherboard of ypur T430s under warranty.


As for randomness, I've had this problem maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 6 months, always overnight when the T430s is powered on but idle. Yet others like you seem to experience it much more frequently.

X2. I'm the one who created this thread and I ended up getting the system board replaced and the issues have gone away. Sorry for not returning here to update this thread. There is a known issue with the early T430s motherboards that Lenovo finally accepted. The system board was replaced under warranty and I no longer have these 101 stop errors.

What's DOS?
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Re: T430s - Stop Error 101

I have faced the same kind of problems, but I can't think anything to do. I have searched a lot of facebook pages and asked my friends, but I did not get any information. So I want to know more informations about this matter.

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