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T430s shuts down or powers off while on battery


Some ThinkPad T430s and T430si systems equipped with early production Panasonic batteries could power off suddenly while operating on battery.   Some system batteries may incorrectly indicate a higher reminaing charge capacity than the actual remaining capacity and this would lead to the power off symptom.  


This symptom would be more likely to occur when indicated remaining charge % displayed is around 14% although some customers have reported it occuring with charge levels of up to 20%- 30%.   Only systems equipped with Panasonic battery FRU 45N1039 could be affected.


To identify the whether or not your battery could be affected,  start the Power Manager, click on Advanced View, and then click on the Battery tab as shown in the picture below.   Panasonic batteries that have not been updated would reflect 45N1039.   If a different part number is shown, either the firmware has already been replied, or you have a different type of battery.


t430s power manager panasonic battery.gif


There is a battery firmware update available that will resolve this issue, and restore normal battery operation.  As the firmware will update the battery part number stored electronically, you should check the FRU number and firmware level through power manager rather than relying only on the FRU number shown on the battery label which does not change.




This battery firmware update utility fixes an issue where some batteries indicate an incorrect full charge capacity value. Because of this error, the amount of energy available for use is artificially low, decreasing the amount of time the system can be used on battery. The fix is entirely contained in the battery firmware update; there is no need to replace any hardware for this problem.


Please note that the firmware update utility also lists other models and other battery types.  The correct update will be applied for your battery automatically when using the utility.

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