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Paper Tape
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T440 Hibernate causes laptop to shut down

Within the past two weeks whenever I put my T440 into hibernate it causes the computer to shut down entirely, closing all of my programs. This is problematic since it is a function I use multiple times a day and I do not want to have to leave my laptop on/in sleep mode at all times.


I am using Windows 10 with LENOVO GJET99WW (2.49 ), 6/52018 BIOS Version/Date.


Checking the 'Power & sleep' settings does not show anything that would cause the laptop to shut down. This even happens when I select "hibernate" from the start menu and don't close the laptop.


Anyone else run into this issue or know of applicable drivers/fixes for this?

Bit Torrent
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Re: T440 Hibernate causes laptop to shut down

It could be caused by a corrupt hyberfil.sys file, which is the hidden file that the memory data is written to when your system goes into hibernation, so I would try disabling hibernation, which will delete the existing hibernation file, and then re-enable hibernation to create a new one using the steps below.


How to disable and re-enable Hibernation

  • Right-click on Start and select either Command Prompt Admin) or Windows Powershell (Admin) and accept the User Access Control prompt.
  • At the prompt, type:  powercfg /h off    and press Enter (this will disable hibernation and delete the existing hiberfil.sys file)
  • Once the prompt returns, type:  powercfg /h on  and press Enter (this will create a new hiberfil.sys file.

The hidden hiberfil.sys file can be rather large (mine is nearly 7GB) so make sure you have enough space for it to be created, and it might not be a bad idea to run Windows Checkdisk in between disabling and re-enabling Hibernation.     


To view the hiberfil.sys file, you need to open File Explorer, click on Options, select the View tab in the Folder Options window, and then uncheck the option to "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended) option.    Make sure to re-check that option once done or you will see all sorts of extra System folders etc., that you don't want to mess with.


How to Run Check Disk 

  • Right-click on Start and select either Command Prompt Admin) or Windows Powershell (Admin) and accept the User Access Control prompt.
  • At the prompt type chkdsk c: /f   and press Enter
  • Press Y to schedule for next reboot
  • Reboot

Checkdisk will run on restart, and check for minor filesystem errors and repair them if needed.



Best of luck,




Paper Tape
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Re: T440 Hibernate causes laptop to shut down

Thanks for the reply and detail directions, but unfortunately it did not work. I still got a hard shutdown when I tried hibernating with a new hiberfil.sys file. (I did follow your suggestions to enable "Show hidden files" and  disabled "Hide protected operating system files" to make sure that  hiberfil.sys was deleted and recreated with the commands. I also ran a check disk with no errors on my C: drive.).


After creating the new hiberfil.sys,I selected "Hibernate" from the start menu and the screen went black. The green light at the power button and red think pad light on the lid stayed on for ~4 minutes before turning off. This is longer than it would take when the laptop was able to hibernate normally. Then it ended up being a hard shut down.


Any other suggestions?

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