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T440: System freezes when entering/exiting sleep mode


I just bougth the T440 and I have two main problems related to sleep mode, which both seems to happend randomly. I am currently running Win7.


The most common problem is that when I close the lid (the action suppose to activate sleep mode), the computer seems to freeze during the time it is going to sleep : The red light is still on as when the computer is in 'normal mode', but there is no display and the keyboard seems unresponsive. I have no choice but to restart the computer.


Sometimes the computer seems to enter in sleep mode correctly (the red light slowly goes on and off, which according to the manual indicates that the computer is in sleep mode), but when I open the lid, the screen remains black and I can see nothing but the mouse. I have no choice but to restart the computer.


It also happened once that the above problem (the second one) kept occuring even after multiple restart of the computer. The only way I could solve it was by using 'windows safe mode'. 


As the problems occur randomly, I am unable to say if they were already there when I received the computer, or if they started to happen after the few windows updates/software installation I did.


Any Idea on what happened and how to resolve this? 


This could be caused by the fingerprint software which came preloaded with the machine.


Please try updating the fingerprint software to the latest or just uninstall it if you are not using it at all.


A few community users found it fixed the issue after updating the software.


This issue is quite smilar to the one as mentioned in this tip:

Systems with Microsoft Windows 7 may hang during startup, shutdown, or restart

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ThinkGreen On 2014-02-06, 10:40 AM

Hi Nine,


pls also check if you did not install the latest videodriver from the supplier (Intel/nVidia) but pls use the one on our supportsites. Pls also be careful to use the correct one for your OS (there is a difference between Win7 Win8 and Win 8.1)


Also pls check whether you have chosen a Power Profile in the PowerManager. After installation there is no default scheme so try to set it to "optimized power" or whatever you like, but be sure there is a setting.


Thanks TG


JimK0173 On 2014-04-05, 21:06 PM

My T440 running Windows 7 is doing the same thing -- after entering sleep, it will not wake up.  A hard reboot gets Windows to start to load again -- but after the Windows logo, the screen flashes and then hangs on a blank, dark screen.  The mouse pointer works - but nothing else.  no keys seems to respond, and the machine does not proceed to the desktop.


I cannot currently get the machine to boot up all the way.  HELP!


harunsah On 2015-01-07, 21:32 PM

Same Problem, windows randomly freezes, there are no apparent logs. I have windows7 64bit.  I tried everything to solve this problem but problem persist..   HELP !!!

zarkokv036 On 2017-05-28, 1:41 AM

did somebody solve this problem?

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