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T440 woeful screen

OK not sure what I hope to achieve here but just felt the need to vent......


My current stable of Thinkpads consists of a venerable T500 (1680x1050), a T410s, and 2 x T400s' (1440x900).


Today I took delivery of a second hand T440 with the 1600x900 screen.  The machine itself is in nice condition and I'm pretty happy with it, except that is, for the screen.  IT IS RUBBISH !!!.  The T500 is so old the screen has CCFL backlighting, and yet it still blows the socks of this T440.  It may not be quite as bright, but in terms of image clarity and complete lack of graininess, it wins hands down.  The T410s and T400s are likewise far superior, both in terms of clarity and brightness.  When I look at the 440 it's like looking through a flyscreen !.  Smiley Mad


When did Lenovo start putting such poor quality screens in their laptops, and is there any hope for finding a recent Thinkpad with a half-way decent display !? 


(rant over!)

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