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T440S: Which SSD to replace my default 256GB

I just bought my T440s and loving it however, when i start to transfer my essential files from my old notebook to my new T440s, the 256GB SSD left with like 20GB of spare space left (lenovo recovery took up 14.7GB already). I am thinking of upgrading my SSD . Can anyone advise which SSD best recommended for this? thank you for reading my queston.

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Re: T440S: Which SSD to replace my default 256GB

I have multiple devices with Samsung Evo SSDs of various sizes and couldn't be happier.

Also, if you think you ever want to restore your laptop to the factory state, then burn the recovery disk set from Q drive. Once you have the disks--it takes 4 DVDs-then let the Q drive remove itself and recover the disk space. You don't need almost 15GB of wasted space on an SSD.

Once you've done that, then use a quality imaging app like Macrium Reflect to make regular images of your drive for the sake of restoring it, instead of going all the way back to factory state.


Edit:  you can also use Macrium to image your existing SSD to the new one.  Samsung drives come with their own cloning tool, but it can sometimes muck up the System Reserved partition of Windows by leaving too little free space on it.  So, burn the DVDs, get rid of the recovery partition, reclaim the space, then image the current drive to a new one.

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