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Paper Tape
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T440S charges...sometimes

I bought a refurb T440S maybe 9 or 10 months ago from Newegg.  When I did, I took it out of town with me for work for a couple months (which burned through the majority of its short 3-month warranty period).  This issue started happening back then, but I didn't have the time to deal with it, so now that I'm well out of warranty with the vendor I purchased it from, I'm wondering if others have had the same issue (as it's gotten much worse recently).


Basically after a month or two of flawless use, the laptop would stop detecting when I plugged the charger in.  When it did properly detect that I'd plugged the charger into the charge port, it charged both batteries just fine.  I thought it was maybe a physical/solder joint issue, as I could move/wiggle the charge plug to a point where it would just stay connected.  It was a nuisance, but it still eventually would charge, if I placed the charging plug in just the right spot; so I just dealt with the nuisance.


Lately, the laptop doesn't want to detect the charge plug at all.  I dual-boot (linux/windows), and the charging issues are much more common when using linux, but the issue does still happen in both OS's.  Essentially, if and when I get the charger to work, I'll get the standard power LED blinking, telling me that it's charging....followed by any short amount of time, where it'll be back to trying to run on battery power, even though it's still plugged in.


It's not the same problem I've seen some people having, where their windows power management program will tell them that the charger is plugged in but the batteries aren't charging.  Like I said, if the laptop realizes the charger is plugged in, it'll actually charge without issue.  Being that these are expensive chargers, and I live in a remote area, I don't want to just buy a replacement charger (or battery) in hopes that that might be the issue.  This has always been a bit of an issue, since around 60 days of owning this refurb, but I'm only writing this post because the intermittent behaviour of this charger is starting to drive me nuts....and I'm wondering if it's some other bizarre issue that others might have seen.  Charger?  Battery?  Charge circuit?  Aliens?

Bit Torrent
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Re: T440S charges...sometimes

The symptom you describe points to a worn out power jack, but luckily those are pretty easy to obtain, and not too hard to replace.


The part number for the DC in cable is 04X3863 and while out of stock via Lenovo, if you search for the part number they can be found on both Amazon, Ebay and Newegg for about $10.00 USD.     Most appear to ship from China so it may take a while to receive, but I did see this one  see this one that ships from US, but the seller says it is a OEM system pull.


To install it you have to remove the external battery, remove the base cover, unplug the internal battery, and "maybe the thermal fan assembly (if so you would need to obtain Thermal Paste for use when reassembling), but I don't think that removing the fan assembly will be necessary.  




Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad T440s (see FRU instrutions on page 59-61 for proper steps to remove base cover)



Best of luck,

Paper Tape
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Re: T440S charges...sometimes

Thanks for the reply.  A $10 solution is much better than a much pricier one for batteries/chargers.  I'll give this a whirl and update this thread afterwards.  Cheers!

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