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Paper Tape
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T440p i7-4800MQ throttling

So I got myself a T440p and upgraded the i5 to a quad-core i7, also got a new charger (it requires a 135W for quadcore+Nvidia). For some reason it constantly throttles the CPU down when under load to the highest non-turbo multiplier. For example, when running Prime95 with the multiplier maxed out (ThrottleStop) on both the T440p and the T530 I've been using, on the T530 it stably stays on 35 and on the T440p it goes down to 27 while running. 3740QM vs. 4800MQ, both are 2.7-3.7GHz chips, OS is the same (W7Prox64)


So far I've tried the following:

  • setting stuff in Windows power management (minimum CPU states to 100%, high performance profile etc.)

  • using ThrottleStop and setting the multiplier to maximum

  • getting the newest drivers

  • enabling everything enable-able in bios.

I have no further ideas on how to squeeze the turbo out of it and I just need that, longer rendering means slower work, and that speed decrease adds up to hours and hours after a while when you do work day by day. And anyway I paid for a product they said can do this performance so I think that's enough explaining in itself.

I'm feeling I've been missing some really obvious setting to get that speed, where that might be?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T440p i7-4800MQ throttling

Setting the ThrottleStop - FIVR - Non Turbo Ratio to 1 should take care of this type of throttling.


If it is still throttling, run the Limit Reasons program and see what is lighting up in red.  The 4800MQ is a 47 Watt processor so long term, it is designed by Intel to throttle so it does not exceed this limit.  When running apps like Prime95 on my Y510P - 4700MQ, it will run at 56 Watts for about 20 seconds and then it will throttle back just enough so it runs right at 47 Watts.  While running this test, PL2 will light up in Limit Reasons first and then PL1 will light up when it drops down to the 47 Watt limit.  The latest versions of Prime95 will overwhelm one of these CPUs.  It would be difficult to run Prime95 at full speed on a power budget of only 47 Watts. 


If you need to go beyond 47 Watts long term, contact the author of ThrottleStop to learn how to use the ThrottleStop - Power Cut feature.

Paper Tape
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Re: T440p i7-4800MQ throttling

I tried the non-turbo ratio thing. Then I tested it with programs I actually use for work (mostly rendering huge numbers of images). It works okay for about 10 seconds and then it gets the multiplier down to 27 (essentially, disabling turbo boost) with PL1, with a package power between 30-40W. I'm quite dumb with electronics, is this normal or should this number go up to 47W?


My primary concerns are fueled by the experience that my old laptop (T530/3740QM) does not get the FID down even when under heavy load. Also even Prime95 doesn't get its reported power draw over 42-ish W (with turbo boost on) but the 4800MQ instantly goes up to 60W, which is a bit more than normal for me. Or maybe it's just that it's a different machine and I'll need to live with that and that's all? (I wouldn't like that at all, but at least it's an explanation.)

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