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What's DOS?
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Re: T440p mouse erratic and closing programs

I'm experiencing the same issue. Does anyone know if the fix below applies to T440p?


Mouse Cursor Behaves Erratically

Paper Tape
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Re: T440p mouse erratic and closing programs

That solution did not work for me.  I finally got my motherboard replaced a couple weeks ago (under warranty) and that seems to have finally solved the problem.

Punch Card
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Re: T440p mouse erratic and closing programs

Hello EEKJeep!


I'm experiencing the same problem with my T440p, and wanted to ask if replacing the motherboard got rid of the erratic cursor for good.


I'm asking because I've contacted Lenovo about my problem now and they gave me a new keyboard (which, turns out a fter a few days, didn't solve the problem), but I'm hesitant to ask for a new motherboard, since that already had been replaced due to an unrelated problem in Feb. 2015. The motherboard replacement fixed this other problem (dead laptop), it didn't change anything about the erratic cursor, I already had it before that, and still have it now.


I'm using Windows 10 (I had W8/W8.1 before with the same problem) and I've disabled the touchpad and touchpad gestures, as a pointing device I use almost exclusively the trackpoint.


I'm also experiencing a maybe somewhat related issue when scrolling with my trackpoint, where sometimes the trackpoint refuses any movement inputs and quickly flashes between the "scrolling" and "standard mouse" appearance. (Only solved so far by waiting a few seconds until the cursor gets a grip again) Does anybody else have this problem as well?


Concerning the wireless connection also discussed in this thread, my laptop also frequently has issues with the access point TP-Link TL-WA901ND, although I believe the access point is at fault, since during its 'episodes', it drops the connection for non-thinkpad laptops and ethernet-connected computers as well. Also I didn't feel these problems were correlated with the erratic cursor.

Punch Card
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Re: T440p mouse erratic and closing programs

Short update:


 One month ago I replaced my T440p clickpad with a T450 touchpad version, as described in this thread, and installed the Synaptics driver, which is recommended for this peculiar hardware configuration.


Since then I did not have any erratic mouse behaviour or problems scrolling. I'm not sure if the new touchpad or the new driver solved the problem, but either way I'm now extremely happy with a bug-free cursor and REAL trackpoint buttons. :-)


As a side note, a few weeks before I finally installed the T450 touchpad, the on-site service had replaced my old T440p clickpad with a new (T440p) clickpad, which exhibited slightly different erratic behavior: rather than closing apps, the cursor would mostly just scoot upwards and mess around with my browser tabs. The annoying scrolling behavior was unchanged.

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