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Paper Tape
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T440p poor build quality and very loud fans

Just received my T440p and the build quality is a bit dodgy - it has quite sharp badly finished plastic to the edges.


More annoying however is the fan which is very noisy - it seems to be more vibration of the bottom panel than the fan itself - has anyone else had similar issues?

What's DOS?
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Re: T440p poor build quality and very loud fans

When I received my 440p, the fan was also noisy and produced vibrations. I called the warrenty provider for replacement and the fan was replaced without complications. Now the fan is rather silent. Of course I hear the fan if the system is under load but I basically donot hear the fan durring office applications.

What's DOS?
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Re: T440p poor build quality and very loud fans

Just unboxed my wife's new T440p and the edges where the top cover meet the sides are extremely sharp on hers too, and they do not fit well with the bottom portion of the case. It is actually cutting into her wrists when using the wrist rests. There is a pretty long overhang due to the top not fitting correctly.


It looks like it may have been a bad batch of plastic parts or something.


Does Lenovo have a solution for this?

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Re: T440p poor build quality and very loud fans

I'd definitely call support and see what they can do.

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Re: T440p poor build quality and very loud fans

That sharp overhang where the top /palmrest meets the main chassis seems to be pretty common from what I've read on other forums -- certainly my T440p has a horrendous sharp lip there, but so far it has not bothered me. No idea if getting a new palmrest will solve it. I suspect not and I've just chalked it down to the increasingly crummy build quality of the T-series. 


If anyone manages to have Lenovo fix this poor fit'n'finish please let me know!


On the fan issue the OP mentioned -- I had my growling fan replaced immediately, and the new fan is more or less silent. Again, I've read so many tales of noisy T440p fans that I suspect Lenovo dropped the QC ball on that issue, too. 

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