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T440p - sleep intermittently gives black screen without sleeping

I have T440p with Win10 PRO 1903 OS build 18362.295.


The T440p is pretty much rock solid except for occasional sleep issue, very annoying when it occurs. I rarely turn off (shutdown) the computer but choose to use sleep. Fn+4 puts it to sleep, usually instantly. Most of the time this goes to sleep fine (and wakes up too when I want to). Sometimes though the screen will go black but the thinkpad doesn't actually go to sleep - I can hear the fan and power led and the red i in the Thinkpad logo doesn't blink red slowly.


When this occurs I can't get the display to come back to life. Not even hooking up an external display. I tried all sorts of things. I've even let it sit for hours, still a black screen and no sleep. All I can do is hold the power button down for 4 seconds to do a hard power off, which I avoid at all cost.


What I've noticed is it more often happens when I'm connected to Cisco VPN. So I get in the habit of disconnecting VPN before putting it to sleep. No USB devices attached either and no network drives connected either. Nor is it part of a Windows domain (not an enterprise device).


Looking for ways to fix this. Hopefully someone has the magic answer.

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