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What's DOS?
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T440s: Boot Issues - Boot Menu doesn't work, System can't restart

Hi, I have a problem with my T440s:

If I start the notebook as usual (using the powerbutton), the notebooks boots into Windows 8 as usual and everything works fine.
However, I can't reboot the Notebook  and the Boot Menu / Boot Drive Selection (UEFI) doesn't boot from the SSD.

The T440S is a Model with WAN Adapter.
The SSD Drive is installed in the Hard-Drive-Bay.
The Notebook has no M.2 SSD Drive/Cache/Turbo-Memory.

Here is a description of both Problems in more detail:

1. The Boot-Menu / Boot Device Selection Menu doesn't Boot of the SSD Drive.

After opening the Boot-Menu of the UEFI-System, I can select different devices,
for example the internal ssd.
I can boot from an DVD if it was shown in the Menu. However, I can't boot from the internal SSD.
When trying to Boot from the SSD, the Screen turns black and then the boot Menu appears again.

2. external DVD Drive not recognized

Somehow, my external DVD-Drive is rarely recognized by the UEFI System and shown in the Boot Menu.
Only in one of ten cases, the DVD-Drive is shown in the Boot Menu.
I have no idea why.

3. System won't reboot

When I select reboot / restart in Windows 8, the System shuts down as usual. However, instead of booting Windows, it opens the Boot Menu.
From there on, it's impossible to Boot from the SSD as described in 1.

This resulted in a further Error:

4. Windows crashes after installing Updates:

When installing Updates, Windows asks to reboot. However, the System always hangs at the reboot (see 3).
After turning the power off and on again, the system boots. However, Windows recognizes that there was a problem during the reboot and tries to repair the boot routines and fails. This has broken my Windows 8 installation.


Thanks for any Advice!


Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: T440s: Boot Issues - Boot Menu doesn't work, System can't restart

Problems #1 and #3 sound like they may be BIOS problems.  Can you check to make sure you are using the latest BIOS version here?


#2 sounds like a timing issue.  BIOS will only wait so long for boot devices to become available.  if your external DVD drive takes too long, then it will be excluded from boot.  One thing to try, turn the system on and then press Enter (instead of F12).  This will bring up the Startup Interrupt menu, where you can press Enter again to pause the timer.  Wait 10-15 seconds for your DVD drive to initialize, then try pressing F12 to see if it shows up then.


For #4 are you using the Lenovo preload or your own install of Win8?

What's DOS?
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Re: T440s: Boot Issues - Boot Menu doesn't work, System can't restart

Hi, thanks for your helpful advice!


#2 i'll try this! thanks!


#1 & #3 I have the this Problem since i bought the notebook in September.

Thanks for the Link. I didn't know new Uefi/Bios Versions where released meanwhile.

My Notebook still has UEFI/Bios Version 1.09. Seems like the Uefi/ Bios needs to be updated.


#5 Should I do this on my own? Or is this covered by a extended Warranty ?

The situation with my Warranty is as follows:

I purchased an 4 year extended on site Warranty (with APD) together with the notebook. However there has been a lot of trouble in registering the warranty. I wasn't able to register the plan, so the seller tried it. He didn't succeed either so he contacted lenovo. This was a month ago and after two reminders via e-mail (with me in cc) , were still awaiting reply.

Unfortunately, the german customer support wasn't able to do anything about that.


The problem with this is, that the service line refused to accept a ticket as long as the guarantee plan is not registered.

A supporter at the lenovo hotline suggested that the Mainboard needs to be replaced (?) which did irritate me a bit.


I myself am not experienced with UEFI Systems, previously I only had BIOS systems.


And I don't want to lose my guarantee plan. Will my warranty be effected if I update the UEFI on my own?



#4 I am using my own install of Win8 (I have an Windows 8 Edu license).

Is there a way for me to obtain an image of the lenovo preload? (perhaps a version without the included oem key)?

What's DOS?
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Re: T440s: Boot Issues - Boot Menu doesn't work, System can't restart

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T440s: Boot Issues - Boot Menu doesn't work, System can't restart

I just recently updated some drivers and BIOS for t440s after getting update notice from system update. After updates of a few items I preferred and also new BIOS, I started getting issues with booting. 1st time was blue screen and took some time to resolve it with just pure luck. This time my t440s is not even able to boot from my SSD. SOB ! I super hate leveno now, not only the shabby quality of their products but the nonsense problems like this over and over and over again.


Once I power on, it just keeps detecting/scanning ethernet cable for DHCP, but the SDD is right in there so why won't it boot from SDD ? I didn't touch BIOS at all after successful new BIOS update and reboot. My t440s was running fine just yesterday and nothing wrong with it.

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