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Paper Tape
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T440s - Showing Secure Boot off in BIOS

I have a T440s (20ARS10H00) with a Secure Boot issue where it shows as off. Looking at the pictures below, the main BIOS page shows UEFI Secure Boot - Off. Skipping forward to the Security tab, Secure Boot is ENABLED. Then, moving to the Startup tab, it's set to EUFI only. 

The final pic is a screenshot of msinfo32 showing the latest BIOS fimrware (2.48) is installed, but it also shows Secure Boot State as Off. 


Any ideas on why and how I can troubleshoot this?


Thank you


<image removed>




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Re: T440s - Showing Secure Boot off in BIOS

Hello and welcome,


This is a new one for me.  Never seen such a thing...


While digging into a BIOS readme for another member I came across this:


  If both the Secure Boot option is Enabled and UEFI Secure Boot in the Main
  menu of ThinkPad Setup is shown as Off, restoring Factory Keys is needed. Do
  the following to restore Factory Keys...

(see the README for the rest) I have no idea if this is a benign or risky procedure.




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Paper Tape
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Re: T440s - Showing Secure Boot off in BIOS



That did the trick. Restoring the Factory Keys resolved the issue. It did not cause any issues with any other BIOS settings or the OS. Thank you.

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