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What's DOS?
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T440s Won't Boot (blinking power LED)

Hoping someone can help me out. 


I was just using my T440s when the screen suddently went gray, except for a single line down the side. There was also a constant beep coming from the speakers. 


After powering it off, it won't boot. With the charger connected and both batteries connected, upon powering the unit up,  the power LED blinks (1 second on and 1 second off) the fan turns on and off (1 second on and 1 second off) and the keyboard backlight does the same. 


I've tried doing the emergency reset, unplugging the internal battery, holding the power button to force a discharge, removing/reseating the memory and hard disk, and so on. 


At one point, with just the external battery and charger conencted, the unit had constant fan, no keyboard backlight and a blinking power LED (2 fast blinks followed by 1 slow blink). 


At this point, I think it's a bad system board, but I'm hope not. 


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

What's DOS?
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Re: T440s Won't Boot (blinking power LED)

I have this problem as well except with my Lenovo Thinkpad x250
Honestly I'm not too sure what I did to fix it
but try holding the power button for 30 seconds then power it on again.

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