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Paper Tape
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Re: T440s speaker noise

I have the same problem with my T540p. Speakers make white noise unless they are turned off or headphones are connected. This notebook is a real piece of crap.  Horrible touchpad, speakers and cooling system make it unusable. My 7 years old laptop works better than it. Lenovo seems to not care of its customers. Shame on you Lenovo! 

I will never again make a mistake buying any of your products. I would like to return this notebook and get partial refund or another laptop.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T440s speaker noise

I have gotten an XPS 15, couldn't be happier (sorry Lenovo).

Paper Tape
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Re: T440s speaker noise

Has anyone tryed to replace realtek ALC3232 chip on motherboard to fix this problem?

Punch Card
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Re: T440s speaker noise

When the earphones are plugged in, the t440 makes some noise like coilwhine when the computer is booting up. Stops after windows starts.

Paper Tape
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Re: T440s speaker noise

2019 Checking in...

This is still a problem, my brand new Thinkbook 14s has the speaker crackling issue.

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