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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T440s speaker noise

ok i just tried the latest realtek driver, which is newer to the one lenovo supports currently (which is



as of now, same issue here....



Blue Screen Again
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Re: T440s speaker noise

*bump* Is there as of now any solution for this issue?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T440s speaker noise

As far as I It is VERY annoying. I had a tech come out
and replace mine, and NOPE same problem man. $800 machine and $13


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T440s speaker noise

i am  still not convinced that this is a hardware problem - for me it looks still like an driver issue. I wrote to realtek, maybe  they come up with a solution, if lenovo just don´t reply....

What's DOS?
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Re: T440s speaker noise

I just bought a new T550, same issue. The sound is quiet, so I guess it might not be noticable with loud background noises or while the sound is playing constantly, but it's super annoying when I use a program with a lot of short sounds. It's like <sound> hisssssss quiet....  <sound> hissssss quiet.


I did noticed my USB headsets don't have the same issue. Maybe I should buy some cheap USB speakers for the $1000+ laptop.



Edit: something else I just noticed, the sound doesn't actually come through the headphone jack, but from the laptop itself. When I plug in headphones, the sound on the headphones is fine, but the buzzing is coming from the laptop itself for ~3 seconds (even though the sound is coming through the headphones). Is this the same thing other people have?


I also had installed an SSD after I got the original laptop, not sure if that's related.

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Re: T440s speaker noise

I tried two x1 carbon laptops and I hear that **bleep** sound!!! Service center told me that there is no defect. Lenovo, fix it!

Paper Tape
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Re: T440s speaker noise


Is there anyone from Lenovo still working on this issue?

The same problem with my new model T550.

I'm in China, and I'll send my laptop to the local service station to check if there is anything wrong with the hardware.

Really! REALLY! disappointed at Lenovo and Thinkpad.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T440s speaker noise

Suffering from the same issue with a W500s. I can't believe they have not fixed this issue yet. I guess buying a Thinkpad was a mistake after all.

Paper Tape
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Re: T440s speaker noise

I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S3 14 (summer 2015 generation). And I have this issue too.


My built-in speakers are making static noise (hissing) whenever they are turned on. The static noise is there, no matter the level, or whether I plug in speakers/headset. The static noise stops after a few seconds when all sound-generating programs are closed/stopped. My guess is because of power saving. In other words, when the speaker is on, generating sound or not, there is static noise.


Sure, this is a minor thing. But it still irritates me. Sure, I can live with it. But I expected better. I bought a 1000+ euro laptop, from the most respected brand I know, and I therefor demand the best of the best. This is clearly not the case. Without being 100% sure what is causing this, or how to fix it, it seems as if Lenovo simply threw in crappy quality speakers. Let me remind you again that this is a laptop over 1000 euro of value, and it's an ultrabook. I simply cannot believe that Lenovo is still using crappy speakers for their laptops, even though this issue is nearly two years old. And at the same time ignore people in this thread. Do you WANT me to change my loyalty to another brand? 98% of my colleagues use Mac's (Apple computers), maybe I should too?


With that said, I think it's in order to demand an explanation, and a solution. I can't even disable the speakers in bios; I know this is not a solution for most people, but if I want sound, I plug in other speakers. But at least let me get rid of this static noise.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T440s speaker noise

Hey, I had a 440s and the problem became better (not gone) after numerous (!) exchanges of the motherboard and the speakers. However, the monitor also flickered, so I sent the T440s back. Now I got a new T550 and guess what ... same problem. Lenovo, this is just insane. I mean, how can you not see the problem, apparently everyone has it! 


Please, how can you not fix this? I am trying another T550 now, then switching back to Dell or my old T420. 

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