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Fanfold Paper
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T450 VGA problem.

I have problem with VGA output in my T450 20BU. I can't display anything via this interface.
I was trying on two different monitors (LG 23MP65 and Samsung 223BW) with three different cables.
I checked it on drivers for Intel HD Grapgics 5500 form lenovo site and also this automaticly downloaded by Windows 10.
I also make clean Windows 10 installation.
When i plug VGA cabel to laptop, there is sound from Windows that new device is connected. I can choos by Fn+F7 or Win+P how to set displays (extend, only laptop etc.) but after change the desktop is only on my laptop and monitor is black. I also checked it via Intel graphic card panel. In device manager the second monitor is visible. Also in lenovo Solution Center.
I was using VGA before and i didn't have any problems.
The only important thing imo which changed since than it was one or two a BIOS update (now i have 1.27).
I have no problem with mini DisplayPort.
Please help. Any ideas? Meaby i have to do something in BIOS setting?



Fanfold Paper
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎06-02-2016
Location: PL
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Re: T450 VGA problem.

The problem solved itself. One day I connected monitor to the VGA port and it began to work. I notice the a little gap betwen palmrest and bottom cover so I screwed screws more, Mayby something wasn't connected well. Now it works fine Smiley Happy.

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