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Paper Tape
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T450 failed BIOS update

Hello everyone,


I have a brand new ThinkPad T450. I installed Windows 8.1 Pro (it was preinstalled with 7, but with licence for 8.1 too).

Next, I wanted to imstall newest drivers and update BIOS. I used ThinkVantage System Update for it.


After first scan, System Update marked BIOS update as critical update, so I accepted to install it. After some time (maybe two minutes or less) it prompted me that system will be rebooted - since I didn't do anything else on the laptop, I agreed.


The problem is... system didn't reboot. It looks like it went to sleep mode (like it's suspended). The power LED is fading on and off. 


Of course power cord was connected all the time - does it matter it was connected to docking station?

What can I do with that? Only warranty procedure?




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Re: T450 failed BIOS update

Try pushing the reset button on the bottom of the laptop.

Paper Tape
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Re: T450 failed BIOS update

Thank you very much for your answer. Though I didn't use it Smiley Happy 

I left the computer without power adapter connected for the whole night, so the internal battery could discharge. And today, when I plugged the power adapter in and powered the computer on it just worked (and it had old BIOS)... I wonder what was the cause of the issue. 

And also, the BIOS update now ran without any complications.


The topic may be closed, I just wanted to leave my solution here for people who may encounter similar problem.

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