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Paper Tape
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T450S, Windows 10 - want to restore headphones and speaker as separate devices



An update several weeks ago introduced an annoyance that I've recently found the time to try and fix. However, the problem seems to be more involved than I anticipated. 


Before this update, the speakers and headphone out were two separate playback devices. Now they are a single one ("Speakers/HP"). The most important feature I feel like I've lost is the ability to set their volumes separately - e.g.: if the headphones are unplugged, the previously muted speakers continue to be muted, instead of blaring sound. Very useful in quiet settings if you're clumsy about headphones or unsure whether you left music playing upon sleep.


This feature seemed to be standard, as I don't remember setting it up. Some brief googling mentions a Realtek HD Audio Manager that you can fiddle with in the Windows Control Panel that allows you to change this behaviour. However, more googling mentions that it is no longer supported. Not only is it not in the Control Panel, running the executable it's associated with (RAVCpl64.exe) results in it asking for admin permissions and then failing silently after permissions are granted - what I assume people mean when they say no longer supported.


Here's what I've tried:

  • going into sound > playback devices and making sure disconnected and disabled devices are shown - only the new combined "Speakers/HP" device exists
  • digging around in the properties menu for the Speakers/HP device to see if Realtek moved settings into a tab - they didn't
  • using the device manager/programs and feature to uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio device/driver and:
    • installing the latest appropriate driver from Lenovo - issue persists
    • installing the latest driver directly from Realtek - issue persists

Can anyone point me in the right direction into restoring this functionality? Is there a resource for old drivers on Lenovo's site? Thanks in advance.

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: T450S, Windows 10 - want to restore headphones and speaker as separate devices

Hello and welcome,


This isn't something I can help with, but a question and a comment:


What was updated a few weeks ago?  What's in the Windows and the System Update history?  That might help track things down.


I just fired up my T450s and see the same thing you describe: speakers/HP combined.  Went to the Realtek High Definition Audio device in device manager.  Current driver is dated 2017.05.02.  Did a roll-back to dated 2016.06.21.  No diffference Smiley Sad


My point being that while it might be a Realtek driver update causing the problem it must have been lurking for quite a while.  I'm wondering if it's a Win 10 thing.


Sorry I can't provide specific help with this.  I tried poking around the Realtek site for older drivers, but the  site is so slow it's unusable Smiley Sad



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Paper Tape
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Re: T450S, Windows 10 - want to restore headphones and speaker as separate devices

Sorry, it was a Windows update that did it. Looking through the history, nothing under driver updates are relevant (all the sound-related ones are associated with my attempts to fix the problem). The other updates are under the "quality" category and their descriptions aren't very useful. I'll look up their stuff on Microsoft's KB and see if anything interesting pops up.

Thanks for trying the driver rollback on your machine, I really appreciate it.
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Re: T450S, Windows 10 - want to restore headphones and speaker as separate devices

I got this working on my T470p via the Realtek HD Audio Manager thanks to


  1. Open the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" (start menu)
  2. Click on "Device Advance Settings" in the top right corner
  3. Select "Multi-stream mode" instead of "Classic mode".

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