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Token Ring
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T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle problems on Battery

I posted already in >>THIS<< thread about my problems. But I want sepperate it now because this is an other model and my problem might be caused by a different cause since I have it only when running on Battery.



CPU Throttling when running on Battery. Every 4 Seconds pc goes down to 0,75Ghz. Causing for sluggy and uncontrolable moments and unworkable situations. PC can't be used in the field or presentatiosn. People around me start to notice that my "overpriced" laptop can't even play HD movies, what makes for painfull moments when my full spec T450s gets swapped out by a 3 year old macbook AIR during a pressentation! Since i'm a technical advisor in IT this makes for not so good impressions.


So much frustration:

After much frustration and multiple times searching (and often blaming firefox) I was SOOO DONE with this slugginess of my new T450s. I wanted to present some youtube material in a business meeting, and every ~5 seconds the framerate would drop like carzy and even my mouse starts to act delayed, leaving me with a very unprofessional pressentation. And this is not the first time my laptop left me sweating between all the people watching on my screen/beamer.


Found when it happens:

Recently it caught my attention my problems have a pattern.. it only happens when I'm running from battery! (in my case) So that should mean it is not firefox or some other background application causing to eat all my cpu or something and causing throttle issue's.


The problem:

I knew already my pc was throttling, but I did not understand why it was throtteling smoothly at one moment and only switching between 750Mhz and 3,1Ghz on an other moment. But it is recently that I noticed the 75mhz / 3,1Ghz throttling only happens on battery mode.



Why does the system not throttle down smoothly like it does on AC? (throttle between 700mhz and 3,1Ghz, instead of only having these two speed to switch between?)



I believe this could be a bug or unfinished/low quality programming. (might be programmers only did a deep test while on AC and only did a quick check on battery mode.)


My work arround to do a pressentation:

The solution I found for myself when doing presentations or when I NEED the system to be STABLE!  is to set my system on power safe mode, close all programs that could use CPU and don't use heavy material like Full HD or above movies. It wil then tune my cpu up to around 2Ghz when it is under medium load and keeps it  it nice and steady. Though I can't play any 1080P movies or 3D renders since the CPU wil go up to 3Ghz and then starts throttle again. And I'm missing the unused i7 prossessing power during presentationslike Prezi. It often works, but it is really crazy considering the money I payed for this.


I might not be the only one:

I found  this topic here initially after lots of debugging and frustrating / publicly embarrassing moments. Might be they have the same problem with an other model.




Some pictures:

Throttle problem T450s.PNG

This was during a drone project in the field. We coudn't watch our GoPro video's back in te field to check if the recorded material was usable (smooth) since playing the 1080 60Fps was lagging all the time. At home with the AC all seems fine. (in High Performance mode)


Throttle problem T450s lenovo power optimized start.PNG


I got a tip in an other topic to use the "Lenovo Optimized" mode. At First I thought it helped, but after 10 seconds it started again. Ending up with:

Throttle problem T450s lenovo power optimized.PNG

Same problems, but they the graph looks a bit different.


At the 0,75Ghz moment you can't really controll the PC anymore, mouse and keyboard hardly react or jump over the place between frame updates.


Please Help! I'm working a lot on battery and even having some flash advertisements in a browser or a active virus scan can already trigger the Throtteling making my pc unsuable in public places



Some details:

T450s (few month old, problem was there from the start).
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10  (both 64bit)
Full spec version (CPU i7 5600u + GPU Nvidia 960m)

Pruduct-nr: 20BXCT01WW

Running on Lenovo Power Management Driver :



With Core Temp Version 1.0 RC6 64bit:

On Battery in Lenovo Power Optimizer mode.

Battery Idle, typing this post: max. 84C

Battery Watching a HD movie on youtube: max. 91C

Battery Watching a HD 60FPS GoPro Drone movie: max. 96C


(resetting al temp.)

On Adapter in Lenovo Power Optimizer mode.

Power Adapter Idle, typing this post: max. 78C

Power Adapter Watching a HD movie on youtube: max. 96C

Power Adatper Watching a HD 60FPS GoPro Drone movie: max. 96C




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Community SeniorMod
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Re: T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle on Battery


Did you use another power plan?
Regardless the power plan and application, CPU temperature seems too high both for the Battery and AC powering modes. The most strange is the temperature 84 degrees, higher then the same type for the AC mode.

What is the power plan's system cooling policy (profile) setting, active or passive? Change that one to active for the particular power plan you'e using for the presentation.

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Token Ring
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Re: T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle on Battery

Does not really matter what power plan I use.. and I checked all of the power plan settings form most of the powerplan. Specially High Performance. But there everything is already everything on active and max.

So I thin this is not really a powerplan related issue.
Token Ring
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Re: T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle on Battery

Can Someone with a T450s + dedicated Nvidea 940m test if he/she has the same CPU throttling?


How to check:

- Unplug the power adapter so that laptop runs on battery.

- Set laptop power plan to "Lenovo Power Optimized"

-  Set screen Brightness to max. (just to make sure we all have the same)

- Open Task Manager in the background and put it on tab "performance"


Now make some load:

- Play a 1080 youtube video without full screen so you can see the CPU utilization Graph and see if you get any major peak / valley's results. Maybe on Windows 8 or 10 you can also confirm the 0,75Ghz drops in the "Speed" field.


- If you can, please also try playing a local stored 1080p movie.  Or maybe even play a game and see if you get the peak / valley's results when you switch back to the Task Manager. For me this makes for even more throttling problems.


- Maybe post some screenshots (the windows snipping tool is handy for this).


If you don't have any Throttle problems, please let know this too!

Thanks already!


Token Ring
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Re: T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle on Battery

Doing a skype-video call yesterday, on "High performance mode" on battery.


I even heard the BIOS speaker starting to make "beep" sounds when trying to scrolling a website, indicating ( I guess) it has reached the maximum amount of IO input?!?


Lenovo CPU on Skype.PNG


I'm really done with all the different problems I have with this laptop and going to make a repair call!


Token Ring
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Re: T450s - Heavy CPU Throttle on Battery

Problem Solved!


Since I started to see not much other people had this problem I started to think this might be a problem with my laptop.

So I called Lenovo again and they told me they need to take the laptop for 5 day's to test it themselfs. So I planned a date where they could pick up my laptop. (on friday). The next thursday they mailed me they had tested my laptop, fixed the problem, and sent the laptop back to me. Next day (friday) I recieved my laptop with a note that they replaced the mainboard and fan.


I tested the laptop myself and it is completely stable now while running on battery mode. So the CPU throttling problem seems to be fixed. I can finally work mobile now!


It is kinda sad that it took 3 mainboards before I have a propper working machine. But the repair service with Lenovo Thinkpads is awesome! If they did not have this kind of service I would have returned my laptop already. On the other hand, the price you pay for this laptop includes some service, you can get much better hardware for this money.


I'm really happy now and I feel confident about my machine againt, and that is what counts when I need it for work!


Problem Solved Smiley Wink


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