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T450s - Lenovo Website purchase: No spare m.2 slots

Last year, before configuring my T450s, I did my research to make sure there would be no surprises.


This is my understanding of how m.2 slots are allocated on a T450s:

  • There is one m.2 slot provided for the Intel WiFi card.
  • There is a second m.2 slot provided for a WWAN card.

If a standard HD (not an SSD) is configured, there is an option to install a 16 GB caching SSD which requires an m.2 slot. If the WWAN slot is unused, the caching SSD will be installed in that slot unless an additional option is selected requesting a 3rd free m.2 slot in which case the caching SSD should be installed in its own m.2 slot that is typically located under the battery thus leaving the WWAN slot unused (assuming no WWAN card was configured).


When I configured my T450s on the Lenovo website I, of course, opted for the 3rd free slot. After the order was completed and I was provided with the configuration details, I verified that all the options I chose were included. The caching SSD was shown but there was no mention of how or where it was to be installed.


Last month I purchased a new m.2 2242 SSD to install only to find I did not have a spare m.2 slot. The caching SSD is installed in the WWAN slot. I spoke with Lenovo and was told that a 3rd m.2 slot was not an option. Since the T450s can no longer be ordered or configured online, there is no way to verify this. I was able to verify that certain preconfigured T450s Thinkpads do contain a caching SSD and a WWAN card so that would suggest that the caching SSD, at least in some configurations, resides in its own slot.


IIRC, while reading through the many threads on this topic, other users were unable to locate a 3rd m.2 socket on their T450s. So, this is my question:


Does anyone have a T450s, ordered and configuted on the Lenovo website, with three m.2 slots?



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