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T450s Trackpoint/Trackpad problems

I just got a T450s and have been having some issues with the synaptics drivers. First, the trackpad: when I scroll with two fingers, and I let go of one of the fingers, it keeps scrolling. Is there any way I can change this? Also, there's a gesture to go forwards and backwards, but it only works with three fingers and goes the opposite direction I'm used to. I tried installing older synaptics drivers, but they didn't seem very compatible with my trackpad; it only let me tap to click instead of actually clicking the trackpad down. These two things don't seem like bugs to me, but more of just lack of features that i'm wondering if there is a way to get them to work the way I'd like them to.


The real problem I'm having is with the scorll button on the trackpoint. When I press it, the cursor changes to the scroll bar. When I start to scroll, though, it doesn't do it smoothly, whether I have it set to "standard" or "traditional". When it's doing that, the cursor flashes rapidly, too, as soon as I touch the trackpoint.

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