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Paper Tape
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T460 WQHD Display Upgrade?

Hi all,


I finally bought a T460 after using my T410 for 6 years and I'm already loving it from the start.


I've upgraded the RAM and the SSD and next I'm thinking of trying to upgrade the FHD display to WQHD. Upon researching, I've found that some people had asked the same but there was no clear answer The Lenovo site doesn't list any compatible WQHD panel in their compatibility list too, but I still want to believe.

To be honest, the display upgrade isn't a priority, but I'm just considering the possibility because, well... the current FHD display doesn't look that great. Classic Thinkpad I guess.


So, is it possible to upgrade T460 display to WQHD (FRU:00HN877)?

Does T460's motherboard support a port for the 40pin cable (FRU:00UR903)?

Even if it's not possible, I still want to know the reason why.


Thank you in advance!



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Community Moderator
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Re: T460 WQHD Display Upgrade?

Welcome to the forum!


Unfortunately I can't give you an exact answer, but what I remember from similar discussions a while ago this was not a straight swap:


  • As you noticed, WQHD panels have a 40pin connector (instead of the 30pin for the FHD)
  • T460s and T460p had WQHD options, but both cables are different than the T460
  • The most important part, there were two WQHD manufacturer, LG and Panasonic, and one of them was a very bad screen (I think it was the LG one)

So I think the original answer was "not possible". I'm not sure if in the meantime somebody found a workaround or made a custom cable.




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Paper Tape
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Re: T460 WQHD Display Upgrade?

Thank your for the answer, Tasurinchi.

True, I have never seen the display cable itself so I don't know how the T460's cable would differ from the T460s' and 460p's. I think I recall one has clip or such and the other doesn't?

I found some 40 pins display cable for T460 on aliexpress, but really, without any information on display compatibility on the site, I'd rather not try after all...

Also wasn't aware of the manufacturers. Thanks for the info.

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