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T460 WWAN Upgrade & Broken Antenna connector

My experience with the upgrade.


First I tried to get smart and get a generic EM7455, error 1802 and shutdown occured, Lenovo whitelists hardware and illegal BIOS mods are not my cuppa Joe. Then I tried to get the EM7455 from IBM Lenovo parts, delays until June, canceled. Ordered from HPP on Amazon, Lenovo original.


Main antenna pin on card broke off into the antenna connector, after the stress of two connects, no luck extracting, snapped it off and then soldered the cable into the EM7455 board. It was a dumb MISTAKE, because the cable is actually coaxial.


Ordered Lenovo 1AW308 antenna (LAN and WWAN) and took the T460 apart. Carved up the micro-SIM tray (microsurgery with a blade) to accept the SIM card from AT&T. Make four cuts into the LCD bezel trim to access the screws because I was too ;lazy to pry it off, it all works now.


Tips: To avoid pin amputation (which will get stuck in antenna connector) lift the WWAN card off the board avoiding contact with the connectors, wear a x10 bino magnifier preferable with a light, and bend the cables to lay flush with board before snappin in using nail, make sure you feel the slight pop when the connectors align before applying pressure. Oh and make sure you are well rested with the kids and wife out of the houseSmiley Happy


Half an hour of work initially, then a five hour session to fix the booboo.


Parts for the unfortunate antenna amputees, order here:

IBM Lenovo Parts

01AW308 Antenna (has both WiFi and WWAN, recomend replacing both)


01AW304 Bezel ( alternatively one can just lift the bezel trim and make cuts to open access to the bolts)


00JT542 EM7455 card, cheaper on Amazon.


Hardware aka service manual, read carefully before working on the laptop:


Service Manual


Now everything works, big sigh of relief and no ice cream money but I still have my laptop. 


Hope this is helpful.

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