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Paper Tape
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T460 - no power

I have a 6-week old T460 which inexplicably failed to power on this evening. It was operating fine yesterday with no signs of issues and was disconnected from mains as soon as it was shut down yesterday evening.


I'll call the Lenovo support centre when it opens in the morning, however, if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime, I would be most interested to hear them.


Steps tried so far:


  1. Try another charger - same problem, power light doesn't flash green when charger connected. Charger works fine with a colleague's T460.
  2. Remove external battery, hold power button for 30 seconds, re-connect, no luck
  3. Remove external battery, insert paper clip in emergency reset hole, re-connect, no luck
  4. Swapped external battery with other T460 - other one shows it is 100% charged (as expected, machine was on power when last in use). The other machine's external battery (also charged) doesn't work in the faulty machine.

No special peripherals connected to the machine at all.


Anything else I should try?

Paper Tape
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Re: T460 - no power

I had the same issue and brought it to a service centre.  The tech tried a bunch of things and then remembered this solution which workd:  There is a "reset" button pinhole underneath the T460 near the middle near the front.  I used my apple SIM card tool to give it a gentle poke and voila, it came back.  Try that.


Losing complete power is frustrating though, and I think I smell a defect.  No rhyme or reason, whether I power down or suspend in Windows 10, or simply close the lid, sometimes the power just doesn't come back and I have to do the reset. It seems to be happening more, like every 5th or 6th time.  Lenovo, we need an answer here please.  Should I send it back to you?


Other than that, this laptop with Windows 10 is brilliant!!

What's DOS?
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Re: T460 - no power

I had 2 T460s do the exact same thing this morning.  One was a machine we had deployed to a user, the second was a brand new machine we had just finished putting a image one.


Symptoms,  First machine, the power light is on, but it will not display anything on the internal LCD, or via HDMI port, or M-DPort.   Second machine, the power light faintly flashes 2-3 times, then nothing.


The "reset" button didn't make any difference. 


My guess is cheap components on the system board.

Paper Tape
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Re: T460 - no power

I phoned Lenovo support who were most helpful. Described the steps taken to diagnose and was advised the motherboard was faulty (as suspected). They arranged an engineer to visit. I was on the phone a total of 7 minutes.


An excellent IBM engineer arrived promptly the following morning, less than 24 hours after I called, with a replacement motherboard. The machine was back up and running an hour or so later. The only problem was the difficulty gaining access to the screws to detach the keyboard - I have a few small "digs" in the plastic of the case now, but hardly visible and not really a problem beyond a cosmetic one. There was some damage to the charging / power circuitry on the motherboard which resulted in the fault.


The engineer was a dedicated professional who offered excellent customer service. I appreciated the lack of forms and other things to fuss over signing to give liability waivers and such. Likely just one of the small number of failure incidents on the first part of the bathtub curve. Seriously impressed with the service I received.

What's DOS?
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Re: T460 - no power

My six-week old T460s was working fine last night.  Dead as a door nail this morning.  Reset button trick fails to revive.  Tapping the on-off button 10 times followed by holding it down for 30 secs accomplished nothing (other than making me feel silly for having tried it).  Can read the suggestion to remove the "external battery," but am rather reluctant to open the computer up by unscrewing five small screws.  


Any other suggestions?  Don't have any incense to burn, but could probably find a scented candle if that would do the trick.

Punch Card
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Re: T460 - no power



This exact same thing happened to me too. When the charger was plugged in, there was no light from the charging LED next to the charger port. Lenovo quoted me $1699 Singapore dollars for a replacement motherboard. This is just slightly less than what I paid for it brand new. Did you manage to solve it?

Paper Tape
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Re: T460 - no power

i was getting 3 flashes from the power button

i removed the memory/hard disk and then i removed the CMOS battery - powered up as normal

not sure how long it will last and whether i need a new battery but time will tell.


No service call required (unless battery is dead)

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