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Paper Tape
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T460 power cord falling out of power brick

On the power adapter for my new T460 the power cord only goes into the AC brick about 3/8" before it bottoms out.  Another 3/8" of the "skinny" part of the power cord plug is still outside the power brick.


As a result, the power cord falls out of the brick at the slightest tug, pull or twist.


I'm seriously afraid that one day I'll find I've lost the power cord half of the power supply.


Why was the recessed part of the power brick made so shallow?  If the full 3/4" of the power adapter plug was allowed to be inserted into the power brick this problem would not happen.


Anyone have a solution, other than buying a 3rd party power supply?

Punch Card
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Re: T460 power cord falling out of power brick

I noticed the same thing, its like this powerbrick was an afterthough, there are some serious design issues with the T460P. Add this to the overly large battery petruding from the bottom, or the not so friendly case access, and you have to ask yourself, **bleep**?!

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