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T460S Questions....

Hello all -


I Am planning on purchasing a Lenovo notebook for my X-Mas gift.


I do require a fingerprint reader as I Am in the Financial Services industry and the added security of this, has served me well in the past.


My concern is the T460 line is at least four (4) years old and I do not want to purchase something which will be retired in the next few years... to this end, can anyone give a guess as to the life-cycle of this line or any newer line which offers the fingerprint reader and is good for business applications? I will like to have the option for SSD (1t) drive and an I7 or at minimum I5 with up to 20g Ram.


When I purchased my T61 several years back, it was retired within a year.... this is a reason for my concern, founded or unfounded in anyones opinion?


TIA for any and all input..

T61, 6465, Vista

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