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T460p F11 restore key

Hi all

I'm also dealing with my new T460p laptop that replaces my gloriuous W520. I'm really starting to hate it (but the new P50 was to expensive :-( )

It was shipped with windows7. I had to reinstall it with Windows10 Enterprise.


I'm interested in the F11 key functionality, but I have lost it due to reinstall.

I can manage BCD, and have a start menu with the recovery options, including launch a custom WinPe... I can do anything but I cannot manage to have the F11 back to work.


What "I dream of" is to have a F11 key that, when timely pressed dunring startup, automatically boots a WinPE image file with the rcovery options.

This would be the best, but I could be also glad with less, If only I could guess what the F11 key "does" when pressed and so how to deal with it.


Is there any way to know what the F11 key does? (documetation?)

Is there any way to have it back to work?


Or, at least, maybe this is not the right forum... but I try :-)... do you know any way to assign a function to the F11 key?

The best would be not to use 3rd party software. Not permanently, al least.


Thank you very much for your kind help


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Re: T460p F11 restore key

The PF11 of past machines(boot to factory recovery) does nothing on your new machine.

Reference page 31 of the above manual to create a Windows Recovery USB.


You could also check Lenovo Recovery Media page:|Coupon


This link is on your support page under Warranty & repair.  Do NOT full screen your support page. You will never see this option. [Lenovo web support needs to fix this item].

Under non full screen, warranty/repair drop down selection, it is barely visible,but is there.


You can also call the support center to get recovery items usb/cd. Under warranty, it should be NO charge, else $50US.


Explore windows backup image(not backup item), to USB-HDD.

Use what I use,ie, spend the money,




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